Siemens NX Nastran 10.1-SSQ (11/03/15)
Siemens NX Nastran 10.1-SSQ (11/03/15)

Siemens NX Nastran 10.1-SSQ (11/03/15)

Siemens NX Nastran 10.1-SSQ | 874.6 mb

Siemens PLM Software has released an update for of Nastran 10, is the premier finite element structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear analysis, dynamic response, rotor dynamics, aeroelasticity and optimization. The NX Nastran 10 release provides you with additional solution types and results, as well as computational performance and engineering workflow improvements.
NASTRAN is a method of finite element analysis, originally developed by NASA of the US. It is an industry standard for over 40 years. It is used to analyze stress, vibration, structured failure, heat transfer, acoustics, and aeroelasticity analyzer. NX Nastran, a simulation solution created by Siemens PLM Software, is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, medical device and other industries to build safe, reliable and optimized designs with increasingly shorter design cycles.

- Discipline and Physical Domain Extensions
NX Nastran 10 allows you to extend dynamic stress and strain output for frequency response, random response, and transient response analyses for laminate composite models. Additionally, the NX CAE multiphysics environment makes use of the new NX Nastran multistep structural solution sequence, SOL 401 - NLSTEP, which supports a combination of linear or nonlinear static subcases and modal subcases.
- Computational Performance and Numerical Accuracy
Support for graphics processing unit (GPU) computing divides computations across a large number of relatively small, inexpensive cores to speed solution time of large problems. For optimization solutions, enhanced algorithms support a large number of design variables and/or constraints in a given model with a reasonable amount of computing resources.
- Ease of Modeling and Engineering Workflow
Rotor dynamics improvements extend the definition for the bearing element from 2D to 3D. NX Nastran 10 also supports general rotor systems with non-symmetric supports, and the use of superelements for rotor representations. New materials supported in NX Advanced Nonlinear include potential-based fluid material and a strain-rate dependent plastic material.

About Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software Division Department of Siemens Industry Automation German company Siemens AG - one of the leading suppliers of software and services for product lifecycle management (PLM). The company has six million licensed seats, more than 59,000 companies worldwide The head office is located in Plano, Texas. Siemens PLM NX system 7 includes an integrated suite of CAD/CAM/CAE applications and displays a new level of effectiveness of the concept of the product development process through the visual medium High Definition PLM. Siemens PLM NX 7 uses all the advantages of High Definition PLM technology to improve Decision-making processes during product development.

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